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남자한테 채여서 시코쿠라니, 오핸로, 걷는 젠
Dumped by a Man and then to Shikoku? Ohenro, walking Zen
김지영 Ji-young Kim|2008 |HDV|color|16:9|stereo|73min 30sec


          Lyon Asian Film Festival (2008, 프랑스)


          TAMA CINEMA FORUM (2008, 일본)

          인디다큐페스티벌 (2009, 한국) * 어깨동무상

          Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival (2009, 카타르)

          International NON-BUDGET Film Festival (2009, 쿠바)

          Fukuoka Asia Film Festival (2009, 일본)

          Ischia Film Location International Festival (2009, I이탈리아)

          DOCUDAYS Beirut International Documentary Film Festival (2009, 레바논)

          Filmmer Festival (2009, 스웨덴)

          Darklight 2009 (2009, 아일랜드)

             전북독립영화제 (2009, 한국)



시코쿠. 그곳은 예로부터 죽음을 눈앞에 둔 사람들이 최종적으로 흘러들어가는 곳.

오핸로는 시코쿠1,400km에 걸쳐 88개소의 사찰을 순례하는 여행자를 말한다.

장장 20여키로의 완전군장에 가까운 짐을 지고 하루 30km를 걷는 오핸로들은 말그대로 인생이라는 짐을 짊어진 인간의 모습을 형상화한 것 같다.

길위에 쓰러져도 괜찮다. 입고 있는 백의가 수의요, 들고 있는 지팡이가 묘비다


이러한 곳으로 나는, 2007년 건너왔다. 꿈을, 혹은 희망을, 혹은 소중한 어떤 것을 잃고 시코쿠에 흘러들어온 다른 모든 오핸로들의 동료로서.

그곳에서 나는 나와 닮은 사람과 나와 다른 사람과 선인들을 보았다.

이것은 나의 긴, 혹은 짧은 여행에 대한 기록이다.

Island Shikoku in Japan has been called ‘the closest place to death’.

The Ohenro trip is a Buddhist pilgrimage to 88 temples all around Shikoku. Along the 1,400km’s road, an Ohenro just walks, 30 km a day, with about a 20kg bag. They don’t worry about falling down on the road in Shikoku. Their white cloth would be their shroud and their stick would be their tombstone.


Why is it called walking zen?

What makes them choose such a hardship?

The answer would be found between death, and life.


I, Korean, came to Shikoku in Japan in fall, 2007. And it was just after my 30’s birthday.


And there, I met some women Ohenroes with about my age, who could have been my friend. What made them walk on the road then? I wanted to know where we were on the life’s road of each other…


And there was one man, with special dream about Ohenro world. Of course,

there was his breakdown which usually accompanies dream.

But dream has to go on, anyway.


한국인에게 생소한 오핸로 여행에 관한 정보와 느낌을 깊게 전달하고 싶었다.

그러다 보니까 사람 얘기가 들어가지 않을 수가 없게 된 것이다.

가능하면 재미있게 전달하고 싶다고 진심으로 생각했다.

What I intended to do with this work at first was to introduce the Ohenro trip in Shikoku to Korean, because we, Korean, don’t know much about it. But during shooting, I met a really various people on the road and through it I realized that I have to tell my story as a part of this work because I, myself, was among Ohenro travelers. As for me, this trip will be memorized to be very meaningful. Moreover, this trip was long and hard because from shooting to editing, I was all alone.


By this piece of work, I want to share my feeling with all the women with around my age struggling with their own burdens of life.



2007 선거, 일본의 경우 Election in JAPAN

2008 남자한테 채여서 시코쿠라니, 오핸로, 걷는 젠 
         Dumped by a man and then to Shikoku? Ohenro, walking Zen

2010 나각 소나타 Arms & Shells