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The Mountain in the front

김지현 KIM Jeehyun
2009 | DV | 70min | Color | Documentary | 4:3 | Stereo

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상영&수상 경력
인디다큐페스티발 2009 (관객상)
인디포럼 2009
2009 제주영화제
2009 제4회 한불영화제
2009 EBS 국제다큐멘터리 영화제

DMZ 다큐멘터리영화제 2009

2009 전북독립영화제

화가 진경은 포천에서 12년을 살았는데 불이 나 작업실을 모두 태웠다. 그 후 진경은 홍천으로 옮겨 빚으로 작업실을 짓고 인사동의 공예백화점 쌈지길의 아트디렉터로 일하며 그 빚을 갚아나갔다. 그러다 최근에야 그 빚을 청산하고 근 10년 만에 개인전을 했다. 이 영화는 그 전시에 걸린 그림들에 관한 이야기이다.

진경은 살면서 하나도 버리는 게 없다. 쓰레기로 버려질 수도 있었던 물건들은 진경의 손끝에서 미술작품이 된다. 진경은 포천 작업실의 불탄 이불이며 옷가지들을 감아 색동공을 만들고 불탄 책을 한 장씩 붙여 화판을 만든다. 그리고 그 화판 위에서 라면봉지는 라면꽃으로 진경이 살아온 시간들은 첩첩산 그림으로 피어난다.

Jin-kyung lived in Pocheon, a suburban town in Kyeong-gi Province for twelve years until she totally lost her studio-cum-house by a fire accident.  She moved to a mountainous village, Nae-cheon in Kang-won Province and built a new studio mainly with the debt both from her friends and acquaintances. In the following years, she had to work hard to pay back the money she borrowed from numerous people.  The position of art director in Ssamzi-gil project(by which an ambitious Korean entrepreneur tried to create a space combining pop art and commodity) she thankfully accepted helped her a lot in finally cleaning up the debt while consuming her artistic energy to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. Last year, Jin-kyung, now free from the debt, finally held an exhibition for the first time in last ten years. <The Mountain in the Front> is a film about the works in that exhibition held under the same title of “The Mountain in the Front.”
Jin-kyung never throws away things. Discarded scraps from the life are recreated in Jin-kyung’s hands as the art works. She made multicolored balls with the smoldered bed spread and the clothes from her former burnt studio and also made canvases with the blackish pages from the books and diaries she excavated in the burnt ruins. On those canvases, plastic packing of the instant noodles blossom as flowers and her own memories on the past few years are embodied as the images of mountains over mountains in the front.

이 영화는 화가 진경을 통해 삶이 어떻게 그림이 되는지를 담았다. 진경의 그림은 일종의 재활용작업이다. 진경은 쓸모를 다한 잡동사니 물건들 그리고 지나간 시간과 경험을 재료 삼아 그림을 그린다. 그렇게 버려질 운명이던 그것들은 진경의 손끝에서 그림으로 거듭나는 것이다.

<The Mountain in the Front> (2009 Ji-hyun Kim) sees the work of art as a work of recycling.  Tracing back the life of Jin-kyung Lee, a painter who lost her whole studio by a fire and started to make works with the smoldered remains from the burnt studio, <The Mountain in the Front> depicts the way things lost, things discarded and things irrevocably damaged are revived through the work of artistic recycling. What gains a second life by Jin-kyung’s recycling work turns out to be not just the things in ruins but also the memories engraved in those things.

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Director_김지현 KIM Jeehyun
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