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끝나지 않은 전쟁
63 Years On

김동원 KIM Dong-Won ㅣ 2008 ㅣ 60min l Documentary l HD ㅣ 16:9  l color  

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2차 세계 대전이 끝난지 63년이 지났다. 그러나 일본군이 만든 ‘성노예 제도’에 강요당했던 많은 여성들은,
여전히 악몽에 시달리며, 전쟁의 어둠으로부터 벗어나지 못하고 있다.

네덜란드 여성인 얀 루프 오헤른 및 중국의 웨이 샤오 란 그리고 필리핀과 한국 등 일본군의 피해를 받았던 나라의 많은 여성들이 어린 나이에 일본군이 만든 ‘성노예 제도’의 피해를 받았다.

일본군에 의해 강제로 ‘일본군 성노예’ 가 된 여성은 어림잡아 20만 명이 넘을 것으로 추정된다. 그러나 드러나지 않은 피해의 수까지 포함하면 13개국의 ‘일본군 성노예’ 피해자 수는 더 많아질 것으로 추정된다.

김동원 감독의 이번 새 작품은 인권 침해라는 기본적 문제에 초점을 맞추고 있다. 본 다큐멘터리는 63년간 숨겨진 공포와 슬픔 속에 살아야 했던 다섯 여성의 삶을 보여준다. 그러면서 조용히 그러나 강력하게, 가해자와 피해자가 동시에 해방될 날을 만들, 일본의 공식적인 사죄와 배상을 요구하고 있다.  

It has been 63 years since the Pacific War (1941~1945) ended. For so many Asian women, however, the war has never ended, as many are still living with the nightmare of the atrocities the Japanese troops had imposed on them with the military government-led ‘sex slavery system.’

LEE Soo-San, a Korean-born Chinese, was 17 and so was Jan Ruff O’Herne, a Dutch-born Australian, when she was kidnapped by the Japanese army stationed in Java, Indonesia. Rayes and Frias were only 13 and 15, respectively, at the time they were violated by the Japanese soldiers occupying their motherland Philippines. A Chinese Wei Shao Lan was a young bride of 18 when she was caught…

These are a few exemplary cases of the estimated 200,000 Asian women who were taken by force by the Japanese troops as ‘comfort women,’ as officially but secretly drafted sex slaves, to be exact, to serve the Japanese troops in a few thousand or more ‘comfort stations’ set up in 13 Asia-Pacific countries occupied by Japan
between 1941~1945.

Another masterpiece focusing on the very basic issue of human rights violation directed by Director KIM Dong-Won, the documentary looks into the horror and pain of the secretive life those five women had to lead for 63 years. The film also questions, gently but firmly, when or how the sincere apology accompanying appropriate compensation from the Japanese government will be realized, liberating both the victims and offenders all together from the bondage of those atrocities…

제작:  드림빌 엔터테인먼트
제작지원:  UN인권정책센터
프로듀서:  이승구
감독:   김동원 
글:  김옥영 (한국방송작가협회 이사장)

Produced by: DreamVille Entertainment Ltd.
Sponsored by: Korea Center for United Nations Human Rights Policy
Directed by: KIM Dong-Won of Repatriation (Freedom Expression Award at
Sundance Intl. Film Festival, 2004)
Script by: KIM OK-Young, director general of Korean TV & Radio Writers Association

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